Friday, April 23, 2010

Happiness is...All Green Lights When You're Driving

You know
 that awesome feeling
 when you're driving and don't
 have to stop at a red light once?
  It doesn't happen often but
 it's a great feeling
 when it does.

On Wednesday
 I was driving to Bible study
 at The Well and thinking about
 what I wanted to write for my first
 Happiness post.  I was driving on Lamar
 (where I usually have to stop a million times)
 and noticed that I was hitting all green lights.
  I thought to myself how awesome it would
 be if I could hit every light green on the
 way to church and write my very first
 happiness post about it.  I didn't
 think it would really happen
 but I was hoping. 

guess what!! 
It actually happened!
I didn't have to stop once!
I hit green lights the
whole way!!

Makes me smile! 


Anonymous said...

I like your happiness post. That is a good feeling to hit all green lights.

AJ said...

That's awesome! Happy day :)

Velma said...

Too Cute!!!!!
Green lights are the best, especially on Lamar at 6ish!!!!!!!!!!!!