Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project Pictures

I like to take pictures of my projects but since I have been making so much lately I haven't really had time to stop and photograph everything to show you.  I did get a chance last week and this weekend to photograph at least a couple of the projects I worked on with my phone.

I made this flower cell phone case.

I made a few more carrot plushies, too!

I made a couple of new embroidery hoops to take to Austin Craft Riot this weekend so I'll take pictures of them today and show you tomorrow.  I had a long list of hoops I wanted to make but I ran out of time so I will only have a few.  Oh well.  Next time I'll try to spread out my projects better.  It's all a learning process this time.  :-)
Have you been working on any fun projects this week?


katiebug92 said...

Your carrot plushies are adorable!!

Emma said...