Monday, October 24, 2011

Wristaches are here!

November is almost here!  I have been waiting for months to list Wristaches at Dreaming in Craft and now I finally can.

For those of you who don't know, Movember happens every November.  During this time men choose to not shave for the entire month to help raise awareness and funding for research for cancers that affect men.  I decided that the ladies needed a cute and fun way to show their support for the men in their life so I made a felt wrist cuff with a cute little mustache embroidered on it and called it a Wristache.

Head over to Dreaming in Craft to get yours today!  If you would like a wristache but don't see the color you want just message me on Etsy.  I have lots of pretty colors to choose from.  :-)


kate said...

Super fun idea Marci! I hope they do well!

taryn said...

loving this!

marci said...

Thanks, everybody! These were actually kind of a joke project that I made last year after a conversation with a friend but then people seemed to like them so I decided to go ahead and put them in the shop. You never know. :-)