Thursday, October 20, 2011


When you own a small business like I do you have to think of so many things.  You have to have business cards, product packaging, displays...the list goes on forever!  But, with a small business comes a small budget so we have to get creative.  I have been very lucky to have help from friends in getting my business going this year, but I am always on the hunt for great ideas to help my business grow.  Pinterest has been a great source of ideas for me.

Yesterday while looking around the DIY section of Pinterest I came across this great tutorial from Bug & Bird on how to make your own tags with ribbon.  You can find the tutorial here.


I love this idea!  Since I'm already so far along on my holiday show items (and yet still so very far behind...hehe) I will wait to do this until after the show with my new products but I'm so excited to try it.  It will be nice to have my business name sewn into things so people will remember where they got it...and hopefully tell their friends.  ;-)

Right now I have cardstock tags that I printed with my logo on them that I attach to my consignment items but I think I might try to attach my logo to felt with this tutorial and use those.  I'll be sure to write a post about it to let you all know how it goes.  It may be a total failure but it will at least be fun to try.

Do you have any fun handmade packaging ideas that you use for your business? 

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katiebug92 said...

This is a great idea! :)