Sunday, October 16, 2011

Carol Carrot

This weekend I have been working a lot on my holiday show projects.  I took off work Friday to have an extra work day so I can be ready in time for the show.  Well, this week my car decided to get sick so I spend part of Friday dealing with that.  Long story short, I was planning on trading my car in for a more craft show friendly car at the end of next year and now it looks like it might be the end of this year.  Stress!  

Anyway, I did manage to get a couple of things finished on Friday and I posted pictures up on my facebook, twitter and google+ pages.  My friend Cassie messaged me and asked if I could make her a felt carrot for her daughter's bunny Halloween costume.  The store in Austin where I buy my felt is completely out of orange and white felt right now (how convenient...thank you Halloween) so I had to special order some fancy schmancy felt online just to finish my holiday show projects.  I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and getting some orange fleece instead.  I have really started to like working with fleece lately so plan to see more of that in my plushie designs in the future.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the leaves so I got some green ribbon and decided to play around with it to see what I liked.

What do you think?

Cassie said that she saw the carrot as a Carol so that's her name!  Easy peasy!

It was nice to take a little break from making the same things over and over again for the holiday show and do something brand new.  I have a bunch of orange fleece leftover so I ordered some more safety eyes and I will be making a couple to take to the holiday show.  You will probably be seeing one of these up on Etsy soon, too!  I'm so excited!  It makes me happy to do things like this for my friends and to get to create something new.  :-)

p.s.  I have a favor to ask you.  Can you head over to my voting post and vote for a name for my new plushie?  Two names are tied and voting closes today.  I can only have on name.  Thanks!  :-)


taryn said...

very cute!

Vera said...

i love your sweet carrot :) fleece is also very nice to work with, but i can totally understand your frustration with your car, the felt that's sold out arghh Gladly you did craft :D I'm also busy with crafting for my upcoming markets and i really need to make pictures of my latest crafts, update my website, open on Etsy bla bla... Oh well time for a movie and some tea now lol Have fun crafting! XO. Vera

Cassie said...

thanks again :) Annelise is "practicing" her bunnying with her ears right now...she will be so excited when Carol gets here :)

Velma said...

Carol is tooooo cute!

marci said...

Vera - I actually really like using fleece now. It's kind of like a softer version of felt. I will definitely be using more of it in the future. :) I can't wait to see what you have been making!

Cassie - YAY!! I hope she likes it. It's going out in the mail today!

Velma - Thanks! :)