Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday - Bob Schneider

Today's music monday is another Austin favorite of mine, Bob Schneider.  He has a newish record out (it came out in April) and the latest song to be played on the radio from it is Honeypot.

I would have posted the actual video but they don't allow embedding.  Grr...argh!

I love the chorus.

Got a heart lost in kindness
A mind that's mostly mindless
I can hold you up for air
I won't let you down I swear

I have burnt down my past

I'm lost, I'm built to last
I'm built to break, but that's okay

I first heard this song at a show last November and it became one of my favorites.  I bought the recording of the show and listened over and over again.  I was so happy to hear it on the radio recently.  But, there really is something about hearing a song live.  It's always so much better.  I really miss getting out to shows.  It's my favorite thing to do but I never really get to go.  Hopefully soon I'll have time to go have some fun.  :-)

 Are there any songs you have been listening to a lot lately?  I love new music suggestions.

Have a great Monday! 


Anonymous said...

Saw Suzanna Choffel yesterday. She's local - I think you'd like her :)

marci said...

I love her! I've posted a couple of songs of hers for Music Monday. :)

Anonymous said...

I knew you would already know're too awesome. Have you heard Gungor?

marci said...

Hehe! Jack sent me a text about Gungor yesterday. I'm going to listen tonight. I'll let you know what I think. :)