Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I would like to introduce you to the latest addition to the Dreaming in Craft plushie family.

This is Polly the polaroid picture plushie.

This is one picture that you know will always be smiling.

This plushie was harder than I thought it would be to make.  I had to try to get the dimensions right so it took me a couple of tries.  I was originally going to give her a pink face but messed up on the first one and ran out of pink felt.  I remembered that my friend Maja said she loves yellow because it's a happy color so I decided yellow would be the perfect color for a happy polaroid.  I will make more colors in the future.  I may still make a couple of changes to the pattern and I'm going to add some cute little details to the next set but I think she turned out pretty cute. 

Polly is now available at Dreaming in Craft!


Creating Trouble said...

Love Polly! Great new pattern :-D

marci said...

Thank you! I'm going to be making a couple more of this pattern with some new details. It's fun to experiment. :)

katiebug92 said...

Awww, She's adorable! I think making abunch in different colors would be neat. :)

kate said...

Super cute! Great job!