Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Monday - Drew Smith

I love to listen to KUT on my lunch break during the week because I get to hear a lot of local music and artists I don't normally get to hear.  A couple of weeks ago I heard Squeezing the Elephants by Drew Smith and I loved it!  I immediately went to Twitter and asked KUT who it was (I was too impatient to wait and see if they said it after the song...they did).  I love that they actually answer tweets.  I have asked questions about artists a few times and and they always answer.  Awesome!

This is a video of Drew Smith singing the song at Momo's.


I have a really busy week coming up so I won't be able to photograph and list my new items in the shop until this weekend so I thought I would give you another sneak peek for now.  I'm working on a couple more projects that will hopefully be ready for this weekend so check back throughout the week for more peeks.  :-)

Have a great day!

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