Monday, April 4, 2011


Meet Peep!

Peep is a pink felt Easter Peep plushie complete with tiny brown button eyes and nose.  I spent a long time working on getting the pattern as close to an actual Peep as possible.  When I finished drawing the pattern and cut it out she looked a lot more like a Peep.  Once she was sewn and stuffed she looked a little less Peep-ish and more random pink bunny-ish.  That's okay.  I think she makes a really cute Easter bunny either way.  :-)

Peep wishes you a very happy Easter! 

She will be available at Dreaming in Craft tomorrow!  :-)


Anonymous said...

That's adorable. And I think she does look like a Peep.

kate said...

I've never had or really seen peeps before. I guess they aren't popular in Canada (just like twinkies - I don't think they sell them here). Looks cute though! Love the colour!

marci said...

Thanks, Sherri!

Kate - Thanks! Yes, Peeps are very popular in the United Stated. They are super sweet marsmallowy things. A little too sweet for me but I always make sure I eat at least one. It's tradition! ;)

Velma said...

i love her!!

katiebug92 said...

Awww, she's much cuter than the peeps you eat (which I think are yucky, lol) I love her.

AJ said...

Very cute :)