Saturday, April 2, 2011

Du Pre Emporium

A few weeks ago we got a flyer in the front door from a shop in Buda called Du Pre Emporium. They were looking for people to sell their items on consignment.  Since I was in the process of setting up my shop I decided that I would get more items in the shop and go check it out.  It's just down the street from my a two minute walk.  Pretty perfect, right? 

About a week after that the owner of the shop contacted some people on Etsy to see if they would be interested.  I hoped to sell my things in a store eventually but never really planned on it right away.  But, since the opportunity came up I decided I should at least go see what it was all about.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a steady stream of people shopping when I was there.  I loved to see all kinds of fun crafty items mixed in with antiques and vintage pieces.  They have live music there, too! 

I decided to go for it and rent a small space to try it out. I've been feeling pretty adventurous lately.  :-)  I don't know if I will make any money but I'm really excited to see what happens.  I had no idea how consignment worked until I did a little research this week so at the very least I will learn more about that.  It's a really fun shop and I look forward to working with them for the next few months.  I'm happy to have some of my items available in my town, too.  This way some of my work will be available during the festival season in Buda even when I can't rent a booth.  I like the idea of supporting local business and handmade in Austin and in my little town, too!

This is what my cute space looks like. 

Imagine it with a Love Bite cookie and an Archie in the middle between the jewelry displays.  I wasn't able to get them finished by Friday.  I'm working on them today so I can drop them off tomorrow!


Velma said...

This looks great! I'm so excited for you!!!!!

marci said...

Thanks! :)