Monday, March 21, 2011

The Name Game

I made a new mini plushie this weekend to take with me to the 78704 market.  I loved it so much I made another one! 

Meet the fun size cookies!

I like to try to make a mini version of my regular size plushies when I can so after I made Sweetie and Amos I decided it was time to make some mini cookies!  I drew out a simple cookie pattern and got to work.  I used felt for the cookie, frosting and eyes.  The rest of the eyes are tiny, plastic plushie eyes.  I stitched beads on for sprinkles and embroidered the little smile.  I used my favorite blanket stitch to close it up.  I am so happy with these little cuties!


The problem came when I started writing my blog to show them to you.  I couldn't think of a name for this plushie!  It has to have a name!  I posted on Twitter that I couldn't think of anything and Maggie from Assorted Musings had a great idea!  Have a contest to name the plushie!

So, here we go!  Please help me name my new plushie design.  I only need one name for the design.  I don't want to name each individual color. 

Here's how it's going to work...

1.  Leave a comment on this post with your name idea. (If you comment annonymously, be sure to put your name in the comment so I can give you credit.)
2.  Tell all your friends!!  :-)
3.  I will leave comments open until Thursday of this week.
4.  If anyone posts names, the list will be posted and opened up to your votes from Friday through Monday.
5.  The official name will be announced on Tuesday!
6.  If your name idea is picked you win a fun size cookie plushie!  You can pick between the light blue and purple cookie and I will mail it to you next week!

Okay, start naming!



AJ said...

Here are my ideas! Jam, Cane (as in sugar cane! haha), Peanut (because they're mini), Gus

Velma said...

Super super cute!!!!!!
Sweetums is my choice!!!

Iris said...

Pocket me :)

Cassie said...

Sugar and Spice :)

Anonymous said...

Crunchy Munchers? Mini-Crunchers? Mini-Cooksters? Cookie Plushie?


Anonymous said...

So cute Marci!

My name is Sprinkle.


In Other Words... said...

what about lil sugar, mini me, shorty, or yummy!

Anonymous said...

I think these are your Cookie Crumbs :)

Lee Lee Juliao said...

these are so adorable marci! :):)
the name...mmmm munchie bops, kookie-G, little crumbles, little Loolus HAHA


marci said...

Thanks everybody! I'm loving all of your ideas! You are so creative! I wish I could use them all. :)

I'm adding a comment for my friend Trish because blogger wouldn't publish her comment for some reason.

Her name idea is Shugga Kookie!

Keep those name ideas coming! You can have more than one entry if you think of multiple ideas, too!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! My name is Love Bites!


Zayda said...


grrfeisty said...

I'm so bad at this sort of thing...ummm tweedle dee and tweedle crumb? Hahaha
So cute :D

Shannon said...

Hmmm, what about Chip as in Chips Ahoy? :)


marci said...

Wendee asked me to add her vote for her. It's Flatty Cakes!

One more day to add names and then I'm posting the list for voting! :)