Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hipstamatic 365 - Week Eight

Hello!  It's time for another week of Hipstamatic pictures! 



 I finally turned in my group's Knitted Wonderland project on Saturday!  Talk about waiting til the last minute!  I stopped to take a couple of tree pictures before I left.

So Many Buttons
 Look at all the pretty jewelry!  These button pieces are the result of my craft marathon weekend last week.

Still Christmas
 I liked my felt Christmas light garland so much that I never took it down.  It's still hanging up in my living room.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
 Don't you love Shel Silverstein?  My week was not going very well so I decided I needed to wear my bright blue tights to work to help me feel better.  I've never gotten so many compliments before!  It totally brightened my day.  ;-)

Blame Marci
 The bad week continued on Wednesday so I decided to make it an official Blame Marci Day.  My friends are so funny.  They cracked me up with all the fun things they blamed me for.  It totally cheered me up.  I was worried that people might be running out of ideas for things to blame me for so I took a picture of the expensive gas to give them some suggestions.  Gas is now $3.19 so this looks like nothing!

I See You!
 This was my sneak peek picture of Sweetie that I posted on twitter and Facebook.  I think it looks so cute!  I might print this one and hang it up somewhere.

Sweetie Pie
It's another Sweetie picture!  I love the way she turned out so much!  I almost hate to part with her.  She's going to First Thursday and will hopefully be adopted by a nice family that will take good care of her.  It's so hard to let my babies go!  ;-)

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Velma said...

I so want to see the blue tights! I love this week's pictures!