Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coffee Break - Craft Rooms

Good morning!  Do you have your coffee ready?  Okay, let's get started.  :-)
I have an extra bedroom in my  house that I want to turn into my craft room.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in posts before.  The hard part is that this is the room where everyone in my family puts stuff to get it out of the way.  This means that in order to turn that room into my craft room I have to go through everyone's junk first.  I can't seem to bring myself to take the time to go through everything out of my crafting time. 

Because of this my dining room table has a cutting board and sewing machine sitting on it right now.   Surrounding the table are various boxes full of supplies stacked up in the corner and the chairs are covered with piles of papers and patterns I have tried to draw. It kind of makes me crazy because I can never find what I want and I like to have a clean area when I'm working so I don't stress.  I've been making a lot of things lately (pictures to come soon if we ever get a sunny day when I'm not stuck at work) getting ready for First Thursday so it's slowly taking over my living room, too.  It is starting to seriously damage my calm!

So, I thought I would use this coffee break to get some organization inspiration.  We're going to look at pretty craft rooms and get some fun ideas.  I'm hoping this will get me motivated to get in that room and get to work!  :-)

Here we go...

I would love a wall color like this.  And that table!  If I could have an awesome table like that I would look forward to working in my craft room every day.

I want to have lots of pretty shelves to hold all of my felt and fabric and then more shelves to hold everything else.

I know this sounds kind of silly but one of the things that I look forward to most of all about having a craft room is getting one of these peg boards for my thread.  I feel like I am going to lose my mind if I have to dig through my thread box and untangle the thread I need one more time.  It is so aggravating!

I actually have my buttons in a pretty jar like this right now, but wouldn't it be amazing if I could have a different jar for every color?  Then I wouldn't have to pour out every single button to find one perfect button anymore.

I dream of a little corner for my computer and printer and another place for my sewing machine.

I want wall space to hang things that inspire me and ideas that I'm working on so I can look at them over and over until the idea is just right. 
I want to cover the rest of the walls with fabric and other things that I make (I have a really big idea that I'm going to work on soon.  It's still in the planning stages.).

And of course, the best part about having my craft room will be that everything will have a place...and it will be labeled!!!  :-)

Okay, now I'm feeling very motivated.  I just wish I had time to work on the room now.  I'm so busy getting ready for my first market that I just don't have time for anything else right now.  I Just have to get through February and then I can get to work on the room.  I'll keep you posted as I go.  :-)

Thanks for sharing your coffee break with me.  Have a great day!


Oh, My Darling said...

Ooh, the fabric wall is such a good idea!

Velma said...

I love it! I love the peg wall for the thread!!! I want a room so I can have a craft room!