Friday, January 21, 2011

365 Project - Week Thirty-Eight

This seemed to be the week of sunrises and sunsets for me. It wasn't on purpose.  I just couldn't stop taking pictures of the moon!  Did you see it?  It was so amazing!!!  I snuck in some fun Austin places, too.  :-)

Day 260
 We had a girlie day on Saturday!  First we went to lunch at Shady Grove and then we stopped at Gourdough's to eat the yummiest and biggest donut I have ever had.  It's called the Blackout.  It's a huge donut covered in fudge with chocolate chips and chocolate covered brownie bites on top.  Did you just blackout??  It was amazing!  Good thing there were three of us there to eat it.  :-)

Day 261
 I went to take a picture of another piece of graffiti in Austin this weekend.  I was really lucky that a train was going by when I went to take pictures.

Day 262
 The moon was amazing this week!  My camera wouldn't take good pictures of it during the day but it was okay because it was pretty amazing during the day, too.

Day 263
 I went to take pictures at Town Lake on Tuesday since I had to run errands int eh area.  The moon looked so amazing in between the buildings at sunset!

Day 264
 I had to try out my new running shoes on a track in case I needed to exchange them.  I went to my old high school to try them out on Wednesday.  This weird tower thing that has no purpose was built when I was still a student there.  I thought it looked pretty cool standing under it.  It made a cool pattern.  So, I took a picture. 

Day 265
 On Thursday I wasn't sure what I wanted to take a picture of so I walked down Main Street in Buda to see what I could find.  I saw this pretty flower at the nursery down the street from my house.

Day 266
This is another picture of the amazing moon.  This time I took it at sunrise.  I wish I could have gotten more of the beautiful sky in the picture, but I think it's pretty beautiful all by itself.

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Maggie said...

Love all the moon pics, good job!