Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am terrible at figuring out how much fabric I need to buy for my projects.  I always end up with way more than I need.  I made some gifts for my coworkers (blog to come soon) and I ended up buying way too much fabric.  This never upsets me though.  It just means I have lots of extra fabric to make other fun projects. 

Since I love bunting so much I decided to use the extra fabric to make three pretty buntings.  I don't know why I love it so much.  It's just simple and cute and that makes me happy, I guess.  :-) 

I made these three to take with me to my first craft market and to post on Etsy but I think once I get all of my projects done I'm going to make some to hang in my house.  My house is turning into a crazy crafting museum.  Nothing matches but I love looking at all of it.

These are my pretty buntings .  I had to compromise on the bias tape colors a little bit.  I had different colors in mind but the store I went to didn't have them.  I didn't really feel like driving all over looking for bias tape when there were perfectly nice colors there.  I think they came out great!


Velma said...

they are adorable and will look very pretty hanging up!!

Missy said...

These are really pretty! I love bunting. I just need to learn how to make it!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!