Friday, October 29, 2010

365 Project - Week Twenty-Six

I'm finally to the halfway point of my project!  Can you believe it???  I can't!  I think I might actually make it through this project afterall.  :-)  I'm so excited.  I have gotten some really awesome pictures that I am so proud of and I'm only halfway done!  I can't wait to see what else I am able to photograph for the last half.  :-)  Technically I think my halfway point picture is on Saturday but I'm right there and I'm just so excited.  I had to share my milestone today.  Thanks for hanging in there with me for so long.  It's a much bigger commitment than I thought it would be for sure.
Here is week twenty-six...

Day 176
I decided to go back and get my bee picture on Saturday.  That was a stressful photo shoot!  I'm a big baby when it comes to bugs...especially bees!  But they were occupied with their dinner so they pretty much left me alone.  I can't say the same for the mosquitos!!!  ITCHY!!!

Day 177
 I had a really busy day so I decided to just go for a walk downtown and take a picture of one of the old buildings.  That's the good thing about living in a small town.  Lots of old buildings to photograph!  :-)

Day 178
 Monday was a crazy day!  I ended up having to stop and take pictures after my run at the park before it got too dark to take any pictures.  I thought these little berries looked pretty cool.  I love the color!  It's very fall-ish. 

Day 179
I found another windmill in Buda!  This one is a block from my house!  That was convenient!  :-)

Day 180
 I stopped at The Broken Spoke and took a picture of the bus outside on Wednesday.  I'm going to have to go back to get a better picture.  There were a bunch of people there and the sun was in a bad place to take a good picture.  It's pretty cool though.

Day 181
I decided that since I was so tired Thursday I would skip my run and just go for a picture walk at Stagecoach Park.  I got another pretty sunset picture!

Day 182
The weather finally started cooling off in Austin today.  It felt so wonderful outside!  I went for another walk on my lunch break.  I love this part of the trail because it is completely covered with trees.  It's like you are in a totally different place with no office in sight!  :-)


Velma said...

as always great photos! I love day 181!!!

Cheryl said...

I love day 181 too. I would love to have it blown up and framed. The sky is beautiful.
I love all the others too. I can't believe you got close enough to the bee to take that picture.