Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Heart Stop Motion - T-Shirt Wars

Well, I planned to show you the plushie I made this weekend but I haven't been able to take pictures of it yet.  It was so gloomy when I got home from work yesterday so it was too dark to get a decent picture.  I'll probably post it on Saturday.  That's such a long time!  I can't wait to show you!  :-)

I still wanted to share something fun with you today, so I decided this would be the perfect time for another installment of I Heart Stop Motion!  I'm very excited about this one...

It's a double feature!
T-Shirt War
by Rhett & Link

This video is so cool!!!  I can't figure out how they did it!  I want to know how they showed the shirts changing when they just pulled them off.  So weird!  My favorite parts were the green shirts with the balloon and the black shirts with the switches.  I love the music and sound effects, too.  This is so creative!
T-Shirt War 2
by Rhett & Link

Since I promised you a double feature today, here is the commercial they made for McDonald's based on the original T-Shirt War video.  I love how they take the picture off the shirt and it becomes something real in both videos.  If I had a french fry t-shirt I would definitely want it to do that! 

I really want to learn to do something like this.  It's like a magic trick.  These guys are very talented!  They're pretty funny, too!

Here are some behind the scenes videos they made for both stop motions...in case you're a big nerd like me and like to watch that kind of stuff.  ;-) 

I hope you weren't too bored with my geeky obsession.  I just find this so fascinating.  I watched these videos so many times when I found them yesterday trying to figure out each little bit.  I still can't figure out most of it...even with the behind the scenes videos!

Have a great day!  :-)


Cheryl said...

WOW!!!! How do they do that? Thanks for sharing.

Velma said...

those are awesome!!!!! I want a shirt that will let me eat fries when ever I want... wait... no, that wouldn't be good at all!!! ;) (stinking health stuff!!!)
very awesome, thanks for sharing!!!

Miss Innocent said...

HEY THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO COOLL!!!! THanks for sharing :) !!!... im still amazed about still motion pictures that people still make it despite the technology.

remember gumby? the green clay.

wonderfullllll!!!!! :)

marci said...

Miss Innocent - Awww...Gumby! I love it! I don't know why people still make stop motion with all the new technology out there, but I'm really happy they do. :) It's so amazing! It's crazy how they can take a bunch of pictures and do so much with it. :)