Friday, August 27, 2010

365 Project - Week Seventeen

I have to say I'm pretty happy with my pictures for this week.  I got some pictures I have been wanting to get from the very beginning of this project.  I wanted the fountain across from Bass Concert Hall and I wanted the frog mural.  I got them both in the same week!  I'm so happy!!!  And I got some knit graffiti!  Woo hoo! 

Okay, time to enjoy week seventeen!

Day 113
My mom and I went to see Jersey Boys at Bass Concert Hall in Austin on Saturday.  The show was great!  This fountain is across the street.  I love fountains.  I was so happy that it was actually running when we were there this time.

Day 114
this painting is on the side of a bridge on Barton Springs Road in Austin.  I walked over there after church ended on Sunday and took a quick picture.  There is another one on the other side of the street so I will have to go over there and take a picture of that one another day.

Day 115
Katja from Maedchenmitherz sent me these lovely buttons!  This made my day!  I love them so much!  I can't wait to wear them.  :-)

Day 116
Tuesday was one of those days where I had to improvise a picture.  I wasn't feeling well and it was supposed to rain so I had to rush to get a picture when I got off work.  I saw my hummingbird but wasn't quite fast enough so I took this picture instead.  I think it's actually kind of pretty.

Day 117
I'm so happy about this picture!!!  I finally got a picture of the frog mural by Daniel Johnston!  I was at a back to school event at UT on Wednesday for work and as I was walking on Guadalupe I remembered the mural.  I walked to where I thought it was but it wasn't there so I asked someone (like a big nerd) and they told me it was just a couple more blocks down the road!  I was so happy to get this picture!!  This is one of the pictures I had in mind when I decided I was going to do this project.  Mission Accomplished!  :-)

Day 118
I went to the Knitta, Please meeting at Domy Books in Austin on Thursday.  This is one of Magda Sayeg's beautiful knit graffiti pieces outside the store.  Isn't it awesome??  I was such a star struck nerd when I talked to her.  Oh well.  She was very sweet and I was so happy to meet her.  :-)

Day 119
I took a picture of this pretty little angel in the flower bed outside my parents' house.  I thought it looked really pretty sitting in among the plants.  I just took a picture of the first pretty thing I saw.  I didn't really put a lot of thought into the picture.  It's been a long week.  I think it came out very nice.  :-)

That's week seventeen!  I'm excited to see what I find to take pictures of next week!


Velma said...

I love all the art you find around town! they are all soooo lovely!!!

cheryl said...

Another great week of pictures. Can't wait until next week.

JMay said...

These are such fun pictures :-)