Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tiny "Art" - I'll Cover You

I finished another Tiny "Art" card!  It's made out of  felt and craft thread.  I cut this one down to ACEO size.  It was tiny!!!  I had a different vision of this picture in my head, but when I went to make it the plan wasn't working out too great so I improvised.  I originally wanted to put a smiley face on the umbrella but all the faces I tried looked weird.  I'm thinking I may have needed a darker thread for the rain drops and blanket stitch, too.  Oh well.  I think it turned out okay overall.

This one is called I'll Cover You.  I had the song from Rent in my head the other day and decided I should make an art card for it.  This is what I came up with.  :-)

I started out by cutting my precut ACEO card down so that it was 1/4" smaller so I would have 1/8" on all four sides to sew my blanket stitch.  I drew and cut my umbrella pieces and sewed them on with regular thread.  The rain drops are just a tiny L-stitch.  They didn't come out quite like I hoped but I think you get the idea that they are rain drops.  Then I just sewed the card together with a blanket stitch.  I am slowly making progress on the blanket stitch.  I still have a little trouble making the stitches even and corners are a little hard for me.  Practice makes I'll just keep practicing!

I love Rent so much!!  I just had to post the reprise of this song...well, that and Jesse L. Martin is AMAZING!!!  The quality of the video is pretty terrible but it is so worth it!  Try not to cry.  ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your card turned out great.

Maggie said...

So cute!

AJ said...

Looks great :)
I love rain!

kate said...

What a great ACEO! I've seen you comment on my blog before and I'm sad it took me so long to look at yours! Love your topics and pictures (oh..and i LOVE art cards too!) Yay!

marci said...

Thnks everybody. I appreciate all the sweet comments. :)

Kate - I love art cards, too! It's one of my new crafty adventures. Thanks for reading my blog! You made my day! :)

Velma said...

extremely cute!!!!