Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

Okay, now that you're in the right mood, let's talk about felt flowers!!!  I have been practicing making different types of felt flowers in the past couple of months.  They are so pretty and you can use them for so many different things.  I thought I would share my first set of flowers just to show you what I've learned so far.  Keep in mind that this is all trial and error so they are not perfect yet.  :-)
The first pattern I tried came from Julie's Blog.  It's pretty simple.  I just took five quarters and traced around them to get the petal pattern and cut four of them.  The hardest part for me was looking at the pictures in the tutorial and figuring out how to layer the petals!  I just did not comprehend!  Once I got it I just sewed the petals together.  Easy peasy!

This pretty pink flower was my first attempt.  I followed the pattern exactly the way she made them.  It called for a felt circle in the middle of the flower so that what I made.

I used a different kind of hair clip but only because that's what I had.  I think any kind of clip will work.  I just sewed the clip onto the back of the flower.

I didn't follow the pattern as closely on this red flower.  I decided to use a button instead of a felt circle for the middle.  I LOVE IT!!!  I didn't look at the pattern when I was sewing the petals together this time and came to regret that decision by the end.  I got confused on the layering of the petals again!!  I sewed around the flower instead of across the petals and then around the flower.  As you can see the petals shifted a lot and the flower came out a little wonky.  I didn't feel like taking it apart and starting over.  I think it's okay.  I'm still in the experimenting phase of this project anyway.  It was a good learning experience.  Now I know what not to do on the next one.  :-)

I have lots of other fun projects I want to try with felt flowers so I will keep you posted on my progress as I improve these flowers and learn to make other felt flowers, too.

p.s.  I'm working on learning how to make a button for my blog.  Not for any particular reason.  I just thought it would be fun to learn.  I love learning new bloggy stuff!  :-)  It's nothing special.  I just took my button picture and added my blog name to it.  We'll see how it goes!  If I can figure out how to make it I may try to do something a little fancier.  This will work for now.

Update for Just Sweet Love:

Here are a couple of pictures of how I got the flower pattern...

I put the quarters in the flower pattern on the paper and traced them.  I taped them down so they wouldn't move while I was tracing.

This is what the pattern looks like.  I just traced it onto the felt four times and cut them out.  Then I folded them in half and layered them together according to the pattern.  You don't have to cut the petals at all.  It's all in the way you put them together.

I hope this helps.  If you have any more questions let me know.  I'm happy to take pictures of how to layer the petals together before you sew, too.  :-)


AJ said...

Super cute! I'd wear it :)

Just Sweet Love said...

this is SO cute!

question- after you traced the quarters from felt.. did you cut an indentation to make it look like a heart?

i love how you used the button for the red flower! it's lovely!!!

marci said...

Just Sweet Love: I updated with a couple of pictures of how I traced the flower pattern. I can take more pictures of the steps if that will help you. Once you get the hang of these they are pretty easy. I'm glad you like them. Thanks for reading my blog! :)

AJ: Thanks so much! I'm going to keep practicing and trying new things with this pattern to see what other shapes I can get, too.

Velma said...

I agree super cute!!!!!!
You make me want to work with felt and I haven't before!!!!