Monday, May 3, 2010

Inspiration...Where Did You Go?

It's been a really crazy couple of weeks!!!  I feel like I have been going non-stop and it's finally catching up with me.  Between work, babysitting, crafting, blogging, running errands and doing fun stuff with my friends I am running out of marci fuel.

I set this goal for myself to post a blog at least three times a week and complete one craft project every week.  Sounds great...except that I didn't take into account everything else!  I have been feeling kind of frustrated because I have started some projects and not been able to finish them for one reason or another (couldn't find the right size zipper, had the wrong size wire, glue wasn't holding, etc).  I have a craft blog and I don't think I have even posted a craft project in about two weeks!!!

This blog experience is supposed to be fun!  I need to throw these expectations out the window and find a new perspective.  I don't think people will stop reading my blog if I can't post three times or post a project every week.  I'm just going to try to have fun and post when I feel like posting and craft when I feel like crafting.  Things seem to work better that way. 

My Saturday morning cup of coffee
Don't you love Life is Good??
This is a great motto to live by!

I have found that my inspiration seems to come when I'm not putting all this pressure on myself to stick to a schedule.  The ideas come to me faster than I can write them when I'm not worrying about it.
My inspiration has been hiding from me.  I guess it's time to find it!  I decided that I would look back at the past couple of weeks and, instead of looking at the failures, I will focus on the things that made me happy.  Maybe my inspiration is hiding in the happy moments somewhere.  :-)

Feel free to comment about the things that have inspired you recently.  Reading about what inspires other people always seems to help me find my inspiration! 

1. I finally got to see In The Heights last weekend!! It was magic! Even better than I expected!!! I've been listening to the soundtrack constantly (I did the same thing when I first bought it a couple of years good!).

2. That same day I got to go to the Glee-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse with some amazing friends.  It was so fun!!!  I was singing at the top of my lungs and didn't even care who heard me.  I can't wait for the next one!

3.  I had to babysit this weekend.  We had a lot of fun!  We went to the library and read lots of stories, colored, played at the playscape and found a really cool lizard outside! 

It's so fun to just be silly and act like a kid sometimes! They are amazed by the littlest things. I think we could all learn a lesson from that. 4. We had a special feast at The Well last Sunday.  It was a great morning!  We ate breakfast together, sang songs, and listened to a great message about community.

5. I took my mom out to eat for her birthday yesterday.  She picked my new favorite place, Fire Bowl Cafe!  YUM!!!

6. My friend's kiddos had a lemonade stand for Lemonade Day yesterday so I drove over to their house and bought some lemonade from them.  Their signs were awesome!!  I had to take pictures!

7. I needed some fabric for a little craft project I wanted to do for part of a happiness post but only needed a tiny piece.  So I went to look at scrap fabric at Hobby Lobby.  It wasn't cute.  I found these little sets of four fat quarters for $4.99 and fell in love.  Pretty fabric makes me happy!

8.  Last week I found out that Zachary Scott Theatre will be playing Rent in the fall!!  I can't wait to see how they stage the show.  It's such a fun little theater!!  Rent is my number one favorite musical!  I only got to see the broadway tour twice but I got to see Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal the last time.  It was so amazing to see the people who originated those characters.  I love Anthony Rapp!!

I finally gave in and ordered the dvd of the final broadway performance (I dragged my mom to see it at the movie theater when they were playing it.  She was a good sport.).  It came just in time for me to watch on Friday night when the girls went to sleep.  I love the message of this musical - live each day as if it's your last day and make the best of every situation.  It's all about loving each other and living life to the fullest!

I could only find the movie version...
Did you cry???
Yeah, me too.  ;-)

Writing this post really did make me feel better!  I'm just going to try to take it all one day at a time and remember to enjoy myself.  No rules!!  Just fun!!

No day but today!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Marci. I really enjoyed it. I am glad that you posted it.

Velma said...

You get to do so many fun things!!! I loved the lemonade signs! Those kids are super creative! Wonder where it comes from ;)

I get inspiration from other people -- like I love making things for people so that inspires me to make something - and seeing what other people do. I love reading blogs and seeing what other people are doing! Its so fun!!

jayiin mistaya said...

Good for you - don't put pressure on yourself. Just have fun with it.

I always enjoy your blog entries (even if I'm hardly ever able to read where I can comment, since I get you RSS'd straight to my brain...erm, Outlook!) and I would hate to think you were giving yourself grief over writing them.

I wish I had time to do all the fun things you're doing, but my schedule is just insane, and it seems like everything takes place so far from where I am!

I need more time - I have plenty to write (I have about a dozen blog entries outlined, but I haven't had time to even finish writing about my Datyon trip!), but no time in which to write!

I'm glad you got out to see the kids and their lemonade stand - I'm sure they did awesome with it!

chelseybell. said...

i like both of the left column fabrics--pretty!

with grooveshark, i just paste the code straight into my post in the compose field. if i try to do it in "edit html" it always gives me that "blah blah not closed embed" thing. but, everytime i just paste it right on top of my regular text, it works fine.

hope that helps, i'm so not an html expert.

marci said...

Thanks!! I tried it and it showed up in the preview screen but still wouldn't let me save it. I'm going to try to just post it tomorrow and see if it lets me. I don't want to post it until tomorrow so I'll wait and see.

I appreciate all of your help. :)