Friday, May 28, 2010

365 Project - Week Four

Week four is done!  I am happy to report that this week went a lot better than last week.  Since I was sick last week I had to improvise pictures for most of the week.  I was feeling much better this week so I could actually go somewhere outside my house to take pictures! 

Here's week four...

Day 22
I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream with a 60s twist last Saturday at the Zilker Park Hillside theater.  It was so great!  The weather was wonderful and the show was fantastic!  My favorite character was Puck (of course!).  I loved it when he came into the crowd to search for the flowers for Oberon.  He took a cookie off someone's plate in front of me!  I guess he was hungry!  :-)

Day 23
I finally stopped to take pictures of the knit graffiti at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar Sunday after church!  It's awesome!!  I love the idea of taking something normal and making it pretty with craftiness.  This awesome creation was done by Magda Sayeg, the creator of the group called Knitta, Please.  I think it would be fun to do some sort of community art project like this one day.  I think everything could use a little more color!  :-)

Day 24
I know what you're thinking...WHAT IS THAT THING???  Yeah, I don't really know.  They have these sculpture things all over the office park where I work.  I decided that it's a rest stop for birds.  That little bird sat up there the whole time I was taking pictures.  I took a lot, too!!

Day 25
This little geranium bud sits on my front porch.  Isn't it pretty?  I took this picture on Tuesday.

This is what the flower looks like today!

Day 26
This pretty sunset actually looked really green in person.  You can't see any green in the picture.  Weird!!  This picture reminds me a lot of my picture from day seven!

Day 7

Day 27
This little bridge is behind the church that's behind my house (that's confusing!).  There are a lot of churches within a couple blocks of my house.  A lot!!!  I had never really seen this bridge until a couple of weeks ago when my mom and I drove down that street.  I'm really glad we did.  :-)

Day 28
I got to leave work a little early today so I headed over to South Congress to get a picture of the awesome knit graffiti at Jo's Coffee.  It's another beautiful creation by Magda Sayeg!  Since I was there I got some yummy iced coffee, too.  It's so hot today!!! 


Velma said...

great pics! That flower turned out PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. Another successful week. Congratulations.


Christine (MiniMak) said...

This project is going very well!! Nice work! It'll be fun to go back and look at all your photos once you're done the 365 days!