Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mission Impossible: My Quest to Find the Un-Findable Ponytail Holder

~Ponytails Everywhere~

When I started this blog I set an unofficial goal for myself to complete at least one craft project a week.  So far that hasn't happened.  I'm making progress.  I have to figure out how to manage my time better.  I will get there eventually.  I just have come up with a good schedule for posting. 

This week I was all ready for my project.  I planned everything ahead of time so that I could get it done and hopefully still have time to get another one started.  I wanted to make these cute little felt ponytail holders from the Aranzi Cute Stuff Book.

I went and bought all of the supplies I needed last week so I could work on them over the weekend.  I just needed to check a couple of stores for ponytail holders and I was set.  Everything was going great! 

I could not find the ponytail holders anywhere!!!  They are the little colorful terry ponytail holders that pretty much every store on the planet sells.  Well, not anymore...apparently!!  Now everyone only sells the little elastic ones. 

I went to 9 (yes, I did say 9) stores and couldn't find them anywhere!
  1. Target
  2. Walmart
  3. HEB
  4. Justice for Girls
  5. Claire's 
  6. Ulta
  7. Sally's Beauty Supply
  8. Beauty Store and Salon
  9. I even went to Bed, Bath & Beyond because I thought it was the one with that weird health and beauty section...it wasn't!
At this point I was too frustrated to look anywhere else so I gave up and went home feeling extremely bummed out that I couldn't do that project.  I was going to give them to the girls I babysit next week when I stay with them and now I can't.  Frustrating!!!

I went home and looked on the internet.  I found a couple of options but none of them are exactly what I was looking for.
  • Amazon had some like what I wanted but you have to buy six packs of them.  There are 24 to a pack!  That's a lot of ponytail holders!
  • Then I found these at Southern Distributors, Inc..  I can buy one pack of 21 but they are a little too wide.   
I saw a picture on a blog where someone used the the little elastic hair bands and it looks okay, but it's not quite what I had in mind.  I may have to just suck it up and go with those. 
I know I'm being too picky.  They don't have to be the exact same thing but I know what I want and I don't want to sacrifice making what I want if I don't have to.  I'm going to keep looking for a little while longer.  I have plenty of other projects to work on until I find what I'm looking for.
In the meantime, I chose another project from the Aranzi Cute Stuff book for this week.  It may be delayed until the end of the week because everything was closed on Sunday so I couldn't get my fabric until Monday.  I'm just happy to be working on something!  :o)  It seems like a pretty simple project and I cut the fabric last night so hopefully I will get all the sewing done today and Thursday so I can have it up no later than Friday.

And the hunt for the elusive ponytail holder continues...

p.s. If anyone can tell me where to find Goody Pony-O's ponytail holders I will love you forever!!!


Velma said...

UG! I posted a comment yesterday! Silly Blogger! I'm onto you!!!!

How could ponytail holders be so hard to find? I meant to look tonight but forgot! I'll keep my eyes open!!!

marci said...

Blogger does that to me sometimes too! So annoying!!!

I would really appreciate it if you would just keep a look out when you go to stores that sell hair accessories. I'm going to do some more searching, too. I'm sure with a couple of people looking we'll find them...hopefully. :)

AJ said...

Aw, sorry for the frustrations :( I bet your replacement project (in the meantime) will be awesome!