Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas...Ornaments

I know it's March and not even close to Christmas but I decided to post this project while it was still fresh in my mind.  This way, when I go to make these ornaments again in December I will be able to look back at how to make them.  :o)

This is actually a pretty simple project.  It looks a lot harder than it is.  And it comes out so pretty.  I don't really know the actual name of the project so I just call it a Christmas Star Ornament.

I saw this ornament first at B&B Quilting and thought it would make the perfect gift to make for my co-workers.  It's a little more time consuming than I had planned so in the future I will definitely give myself more time to get them done next time I try to make a bunch of these.

2 contrasting colors of fabric cut into 2 1/2" squares (24 of the fabric that will be in the middle and on the outside and 16 of the second row of fabric)
2-3 ribbons of different widths
One 2" corsage pin
lots and lots of small dressmaker pins
2 1/2" styrofoam ball 
Bright colored thread
Small Ruler

First place two pins on either side of the styrofoam ball and wrap the thread around the pins until the ball is marked with four equal spaces.

Then comes the long, tedious job of placing a pin through the center of each square of fabric (BORING!).  Remember all those squares?  Yeah, all of them!

Then, it's time to start putting the fabric on the ball.  Put the pin in the ball as close to the center point as possible, fold it in half and then fold the corners down.  Pin all of the points. 

Do this with all four sides of the circle and repeat on the opposite side of the ball (try to keep the center lines lined up on either side of the ball.  So this throughout the project and it will help you out in the long run so you don't have a huge space on one side when you are trying to put the ribbon on). 

After that, it's time for row two.  Measure 3/8" from the points on row one and repeat exactly what you did on row one with 8 pieces of fabric on each side of the ball.

Repeat the same steps for the third row, measuring 3/8" down from the points on row two and pinning the fabric down.

Wrap the widest ribbon around the ball (be sure that all pins are covered by the ribbon).  Repeat with second ribbon (and third if you use three different ribbons).

Take the corsage pin and make a 4" loop (or however long you want the loop to be).  Then make the bow by making about 9 smaller loops.  Put the pin in the top of the ball and you are done!!!

I think this project is easier to do than it is to explain.  :-)  Hopefully the pictures will help it to make more sense.


velma said...

love it! and the steps are great with the pictures! AWESOME!!!!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

SO adorable!!

marci said...

Thank you! :)

Jessica Hills said...

Wow that looks hard to make! Turned out great though! Thanks for the comment! I would love for you to come join my Favorite Things Friday Mclinky Party this Friday if you are interested!

. said...

Hi Marci...what a fantastic and clever little creative project..well done! Thank you for visiting my blog..I do hope you enjoyed some of my posts and hope you swing by again. Anna x