Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Button, Button. Who's Got the Button?

Recently I purchased a bag of buttons to use on craft projects.  I have been trying some felt projects and buttons just seem to make them so much more special.  I was working on something the other day and had to find some buttons to use, so I pulled out the button bag and started looking through all the little lovlies!  I never realized how much I love buttons.  They're so cute!!!

So, I decided to write a post about the wonderfulness of buttons...

Let's start with a brief history of the button.  Nah!  That's too boring!!!  But, if you are interested in reading about the history of buttons, I found an article on this BBC site.  I have to admit, I found it kind of interesting.  That doesn't mean I'm boring...right??

There really is no limit to the things buttons can be used for!!!

My friend Velma made these awesome arm warmers!  They were inspired by the ones Felicia Day wore in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  They are my favorite!

Sorry.  I went a little Dr. Horrible crazy for a minute.  Notice the buttons.  ;-)

Here are a few of the many, many fun things I found on Etsy that use buttons.  I LOVE ETSY!!!  There were so many pictures to choose from.  I wish I could post more but we would be here forever if I posted every cute thing I found on Etsy.

I found this pretty little headband at a shop called Threadmill.

This pillow is for sale at Designs by Nancy.

You can even buy just buttons on Etsy!  These handmade buttons can be found at the Beary Sweet Beads shop.  I'm so impressed!

This button necklace is at Midwest Beauties.

I found this lovely purse on a blog post Violet Bella wrote about the Penny Threads shop.  I like the unique shape.

Okay, I know these aren't technically buttons but people call them buttons so I think they count....Plus, I like them.  Most people just call them flair now thanks to Office Space and Facebook.  :o)

This one was at the Pretty Pixels shop.
I really do heart geeks!!  :o)

Look at the cute Firefly flair I found at Dame CreationsLove the giant Jayne hat!

This is one of my favorite buttons.  It's my (Red) button!!! 

I love stop motion animation.  I'm not really sure why.  It's just so cool!  I would love to learn how to do it someday.  I have never been able to come up with a simple idea to try while I learn.  Buttons would be a great way to try it out!

And, last but not least, everyone's favorite button...

It's the Easy Button!!!

If only Staples could figure out a way to make it actually work.

I tried to keep it short but there were too many cute things I wanted to share!  Sadly, this is actually the shortened version of this blog. 

Thanks for shopping with me!  :o)


velma said...

THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!! Love it!! I really love all the uses of buttons!!! I see you have a star button in your stash!!! ;) I might have to use it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it Marci. I loved the video.

marci said...

Wow!!! You are fast! I didn't even have a chance to tell anyone I posted it yet!

I will save all of my star buttons just for you, Velma. ;)

velma said...

your mom and I are your super stalkers!!!!!

marci said...

Best stalkers a girl could ask for! :)

jayiin mistaya said...

Well, I'm not a stalker, but - fun post. Now I'm going to be looking around to see if people are wearing buttons in ways other than fastening their shirts, and it will be your fault when I annoy my co-workers by pointing it out.

...come to think of it, Robbie won't care. Or Kalen.

And you're not boring. (Considering some of my hobbies, you are so not boring.)

AJ said...

cute cute cute :)
And I love learning the history of things! Totally doesn't make us boring ;)

AJ said...

PS: Star buttons = amaaazing!

velma said...

I loved this blog so much I had to comment on it again! its soo super cute!!!!

mel said...

so fun that you have this post. i just did a post about buttons too - i photographed my little collection last week and while i did, considered making a stop-animation. perhaps i will if i have time someday soon!

marci said...

Ha! What a cool coincidence! Who knew there were so many people out there who wanted to make button stop motions?? Let me know if you ever make one. I'll post when I get around to making mine too. :)

Thanks for reading my blog!